Supporting the local community

The recycling bins are made from recycled timber and is not treated for outdoor weather.

The bins are put together by an active 83 year old profoundly Deaf man from KeriKeri.

The bins are painted by a local artist using chalk and non-toxic varnishIMAG0670

You can buy these small recycling bins from the Council but they are made of PLASTIC! That does not save the planet!


The bins are useful for large organisations to increase awareness of recycling and save on rubbish costs.


The Whangarei squash club has several of these bins and the Youth Centre in town has a few of these as well


The idea is to encourage recycling and eventually have the purple general rubbish bins removed and the people are encouraged to take their unrecyclable rubbish home such as plastic wraps


Each bin costs $25 and delivery is free